Accesible Web Design @ Jimsky's Emporium


You may never have realised it - but blind and partially sighted people actually surf the web.

To make your site accessible to them - is relatively easy. It is after all - an "EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES ISSUE" - and it costs nothing at all (bar a few extra minutes HTML coding) to open your web site up to everyone. If your a 'caring' sort of a person as well, it actually makes you feel good too !!!

What you don't need to do - is put everything in capital letters and use a big font.

What you do need to do - is to take care that you write good quality HTML and just make sure you add certain HTML commands to your web pages.

I've added a few links below to get you to the informative articles that explain it all in more detail, but by doing just the 4 things listed below - your sites "ACCESSIBILITY" will dramatically improve



RNIB Campaign for Good Website design. - This gives the general background about the campaign.

Hints for designing accessible web pages - This gives more explicit information on the EASY things to do to make your site accessible and expands more on the 4 tips I gave above.

Bobby Approved (v 3.2) - This image links you to the "BOBBY" web site validator which actually checks your sites web accessibility and points to possible mistakes and areas to check.

DISCLAIMER - I am trying quite hard to "BOBBY" my own site and 'practice what I preach'. If you spot any glaring errors then please let me know and I'll try and put them right. AT LEAST I'M TRYING !!