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NUFC Logo on Black Background

Ha'wa lads an lasses - divvent switch the music off - listen tuh wor National Anthem "the Blaydon Races" while yee lyeuk roond.

Its deed class music !!

Blaydon and Winlaton - Local Maps, pictures and much more.
The Gateshead Millenium Bridge - The Bridge arriving on site, November 2000.
WYLAM - Wylam is a small village stradling the Tyne, lying 15 miles west of Newcastle.....
Geordie Pride - this website seems to have disappeared. Unfortunately this means that the link to the Geordie Passport has disappeared too.
Geordie Books - Books, CD's, DVD's and much more.
Newcastle Live - BBC's Newcastle through a web camera
Newcastle City Council - Lots of information here about the area - very informative.
North East History Pages - In depth coverage of the History of the North East.
andy cap cartoon figure

Befawa yee deed git ganin
Yee meet want tuh lyeuk at
the geordie translator
tuh help yee mastor the language

- - - - Hev a canny day.

icNewcastle.   - NorthEast News incorporating the Journal and Evening Chronicle
BBC 'Tyne'
Local 5 Day Weather Forecast - North East 5 day weather from icNewcastle
'Toffs' - Classic, 100% cotton football shirts from 1885 to 1975 is all they make (ALL Clubs).
The Magpie Zone - An action packed supporters site - visit the 'magpies hall of fame' - A very well read site (by all the lads at work anyway).
Toon Army Forever !!. - A true TOON supporters web site.
Newcastle United FC. - Not quite as thought provoking as the actual supporters sites.

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