Looking around the Geordie Area

Collingwood's monument at TynemouthThis small tour takes you along the northern banks of the Tyne. Through Tynemouth, North Shields, Wallsend and Byker up to Newcastle itself.

You could well start off your trip in old Northumberland (now Tyne & Wear) at Tynemouth sea front, with its miles of Golden sands (although the waters a bit nippy if I remember from being a bairn).

Along to Tynemouth village, with the Priory at the start of Tynemouth 'front street'. Dive steeply down the access road to St.Edwards Bay and see 'Collingwood's Monument' on the headland overlooking the mouth of the river.

The 4 guns around the monument are actually from Collingwood's own ship the Royal Sovereign. Strangely enough, I can remember in my younger days, there was a pub in Tynemouth Front Street called the Royal Sovereign - but I think the brewery has sunk it without trace now.

North Shields Fish Quay looking to river mouth You could then drive up the river a couple of miles to North Shields and visit the 'Fish Quay'. There are still a few working trawlers left I think.

Then at the far northern end of the fish quay is the North Shields/South Shields Ferry. I'm sure it used to take cars across before the advent of the Tyne Tunnel - but no-one seems to remember that these days.

Then carry on driving up river - past the ferry terminals of the Oslo-Bergen line at the Royal Quays. Past the entrance to the Tyne Tunnel. Then another mile or so to Wallsend.

Wallsend - along with the rest of Tyneside - was world renowned for its shipbuilding in days gone by. But there isn't a lot left now I'm afraid.

Whats left of Swan Hunters ShipyardTypical Waalsend gannin oot clobber

A bigger attraction these days is the Roman fort of 'Segedunum'. I suppose at least you can say that even though Thatcher decimated the Coal, Steel and Ship-building Industries here - Hadrian managed to make it through the depression, even though his work is actually in ruins (ouch).

Model of the Segedunum fort as it used to be

The wall originally started from Pons Aelius (Newcastle upon Tyne), and had reached westward as far as Cilurnum (Chesters) before it was decided to build an extension of the wall from the original terminus at the Tyne bridge a further 3½ miles eastwards to a new fort at Wallsend.

Tyne Bridge at Sunrise

Travel on up the river through Walker and Byker (remember Byker Grove - and 'Ant and Dec') through to Newcastle.

Newcastle has a million things to do and see. So I'm not going any further right now as I like it right here.

If you do get the chance yourself then please visit the area and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.
There are loads more places to visit as I haven't really scratched the surface yet.

If you want to look at more photo's of the area then go to Geordies Rule OK - Photo section. You will see some quite brilliant local pictures such as the 'Angel of the North' and pictures of nearly every Town and village around the area.

This one on the right here is one of my real favorites. It shows a number of the Bridges as you look up the Tyne.

You can also look down the Tyne of course but there isn't as much to see as there used to be. The Right Hon. Margaret T. saw to that !!

I hope you've enjoyed this quick run up the river and you carry on now through the rest of the site.

Jim Flack


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